The GEM – The Fourth Pyramid in Giza Plateau

Only a few steps away from the pyramids, the grandchildren come to repeat the glory of their grandfathers by building a new destination, the Grand Egyptian Museum (the GEM), linking between the past and the present.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is established on approximately 500,000 square meters. It takes a conical shape. This design was chosen in an architectural competition on the 2nd of June 2003. This competition includes 1557 contestants from 82 countries around the world, which made it considered the second largest architectural competition in history. The design of Heneghan Peng Company from Dublin, Ireland, is chosen in this competition due to its matching the surrounding archaeological area.

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The Grand Egyptian Museum

Let’s go in a tour inside the GEM

The GEM will be the largest museum in the world dedicated to exhibiting collections from a single civilization. In contrast, other museums around the world exhibit collections from several cultures.

The concept of the GEM is displaying the royalism in ancient Egypt through exhibiting the history and the glory of ancient Egyptian kings.

Firstly, you will visit the Obelisk Square housing an ancient Egyptian obelisk, then Ramses II hall containing the great statue of King Ramses II. Then you will enter the museum building. It begins with the grand stair exhibiting the colossal statues for welcoming you, then the museum halls.

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Ramses II

Additionally, this museum will store 5000 pieces from the King Tutankhamen collection and display 2000 objects. These 2000 pieces will be exhibited for the first-ever time since the tomb was unearthed in 1922 by Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings.

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Besides, the museum allocates a specific room for exhibiting the new Cache of Saqqara.

The museum exhibitions will use new technological methods and devices like virtual reality and interactive technological devices.

The GEM has the largest conservation center in the world. This center includes 200 restorers are working hard to conserve the collection of the museum to prepare it for display. The center contains 19 conservation labs, 7 of them are divided based on the types of objects.

The Grand Egyptian Museum will house a museum for children; it is an educational department center. In this small museum, replicas are helping them to understand ancient Egyptian history easily. Additionally, the museum will also contain several entertainment facilities like restaurants, theaters, etc.

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