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Abusir Necropolis is considered an essential part of the Memphis Necropolis, where the ancient Egyptian kings of the fifth dynasty built their pyramids.

Abusir Necropolis houses fourteen pyramids, but the most famous pyramids there are the pyramids of king Neferirkare, Niuserre, and Sahure, dating back to the fifth dynasty.  Additionally, the temple of the sun distinguishing the fifth dynasty and tombs are belonging to members of the royal family as the mastaba of Prince Nakhtkare.

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Abusir Necropolis

    Also, Abusir contains several tombs belonging to high officials through the old kingdom:
  • The third dynasty: the tomb of Ity and the tomb of Hetepi.
  • The fourth dynasty: the tomb of Kaaper, architect, and priest.
  • The fifth dynasty: the tomb of Rahotep, the tomb of Fetekti, and the mastaba of Ptahshepses.
  • The sixth dynasty: the tomb of Qar and his sons.

What do you think Abusir means? The name of Abusir is derived from the ancient Egyptian word (Pw-Wsjr), meaning the House or Temple of the god Osiris.

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