Al-Alamein City in Marsa Matrouh – the World War II

Al-Alamein city is located on the west of Alexandria in Marsa Matrouh governorate. It has a great history, especially during World War II making it an important attraction for many people around the world.

Let’s learn about the history of that city The most ancient monuments in Al-Alamein City dates back to the Greco-Roman period.

But the glory of Al-Alamein City was during World War II as two battles occurred there. These battles were a milestone in Egyptian history. 

These two battles occurred between Britain against Axis troops (Germany and Italy). The first one was from August 31 to September 7, 1942, while the second was from October 23 to November 4, 1942. The British Army got the victory in both wars.

    In Al-Alamein City in Marsa Matrouh, you can visit:
  • Al-Alamein Museum displays the two battles of Al-Alamein city through some photos, maps, and some of the weapons used in these wars by troops. 
  • The Commonwealth cemeteries are for burying the soldiers from many countries who were killed during the two battles of Al-Alamein City. It is good to mention that there are other Commonwealth cemeteries in Egypt in Salah Salem in Nasr City.
The Commonwealth Cemetery - Egypt Vacation Tours

The Commonwealth Cemetery

Kindly submit on the Al-Alamein City day tour. You may find the name of one of your family members among the soldiers in Commonwealth cemeteries. 

Egypt Vacation Tours team is seeking to please you.

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