Beni Hassan in Al Minya Governorate

Beni Hassan Necropolis is an important historical site in Al Minya Governorate. It is located on the east bank of the Nile River.

The importance of Beni Hassan Necropolis in Al Minya Governorate The golden history of Beni Hassan began during the middle kingdom in ancient Egyptian civilization, as local rulers and military ‎leaders built their tombs there. It houses approx. 39 carved tombs in a limestone hill. These tombs reflect the power of the high officials at that time.

To know more about these tombs: These tombs distinguish with their decorations presenting the daily life of ancient Egyptians, especially sports as wrestling, violent warfare, and military training.

Let’s go on a tour in these tombs: 1 – Kheity tomb: Kheity was a governor of the nome during the 11th dynasty, the first intermediate period. The scenes in this tomb show the daily life activities as hunting in the deserts and soldiers playing some sports. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities launched a virtual reality tour for the Kheity tomb.

2 – Baqete III tomb: Baqete III was the father of Kheity. He was the governor of the nome during the 6th dynasty, the old kingdom. The scenes in this tomb depict the same theme of other tombs in Beni Hassan Necropolis, but the different depiction is showing Baqete III in battles taking place in the 6th ‎dynasty.

3 – Khnumhotep tomb: Khnumhotep was a governor during king Amenemhat III period in the 12th dynasty, middle kingdom. Like other tombs, this tomb has depictions of daily life activities and military training during the Middle Kingdom. Besides, it includes the biography of Khnumhotep. It is written in 222 columns.

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