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Aswan is one of the Egyptian cities in the upper of Egypt. It is located in the north of Nasser Lake. Aswan city distinguishes with its natural beauty, as it has the most beautiful views of the Nile River in Egypt ever. In addition, it houses unparalleled monuments dating back to several historical times as ancient Egyptian history, the Greco-Roman period, the Christian period, the Islamic period, and modern history. So it is considered an attractive tourist destination in Egypt.

Aswan city consist of 5 islands are Philea or Elephantine, Seheil, Agilkia, Bigeh, Kitchener’s islands.

The meaning of Aswan: Aswan is derived from the ancient word swan, meaning the market, as this city is located in an important commercial site linking Egypt and the southern lands.

The history of Aswan city: During ancient Egyptian history, Aswan houses several quarries for different types of rocks as granite, sandstone, and quartzite. These quarries were used by the ancient Egyptians to establish their temples and buildings. Also, it was the starting point of the military and commercial campaigns to the south to African countries.

During ancient times, Aswan was the center for many gods of ancient Egyptian beliefs, as the god Khnum, the god of the source of the Nile, and the goddess Isis.

One of the great historical events occurring in Aswan was the project of UNESCO for saving the Nubian monuments after the building of the High Dam.

The monuments of Aswan:

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