Siwa Oasis – The Western Desert

Egypt distinguishes with housing six oases located in its western desert. These oases are EL Fayoum Oasis, Bahariya Oasis, Farafra Oasis, Kharga Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, and Siwa Oasis. All of these oases characterize by having a unique history and natural and charming beauty.

Siwa Oasis Siwa oasis is described as a green space sitting among a huge ocean of yellow sand, as it distinguishes with its breathtaking sceneries. It is located on the west of Egypt, on the Egyptian-Libyan border.

Generally, Siwa has a good climate throughout the year, but it is better to be visited from October to April to avoid the heat of the summer.

Siwa has its own style, as when you visit it, you will be able to recognize the ancient history, enjoy breathtaking sceneries, and do healing activities.

Siwa Oasis - Egypt Vacation Tours

Siwa Oasis

The attractions of Siwa Oasis

1 – The Temple of the Oracle The Temple of the Oracle is one of the most famous landmarks in Siwa oasis in ancient history and nowadays. It was built during the 26th dynasty by King Ahmose II. The most famous event associated with the Temple of Oracle is the visit of Alexander the Great to the temple for asking the oracle of Amun god about his fate and who is his father?

The Temple of the Oracle - Siwa Oasis - Egypt Vacation Tours

The Temple of the Oracle

2 – Mountain of the Dead The Mountain of the Dead is a rocky hill housing more than 1500 tombs dating back to the late period of the ancient Egyptian civilization and the Greco-Roman period.

Mountain of the Dead - Siwa Oasis - Egypt Vacation Tours

Mountain of the Dead 

3 – Shali Village Shali is a Siwi word meaning city. Shali village is famous for its own style of construction, as their houses were built from clay saturated with salt, which when drying up, becomes similar to cement in its hardness.

When you visit Shali village, you will enjoy climbing up its hills, where you will be able to see a fabulous view of palm trees, as Shali contains dates and olives groves.

Shali Village - Siwa Oasis - Egypt Vacation Tours

Shali Village 

4 – Spring of Cleopatra Cleopatra’s spring is a natural pool the locals and tourists swimming in it for its healing benefits.

Spring of Cleopatra - Siwa Oasis - Egypt Vacation Tours

Spring of Cleopatra 

5 – Fatnas Island Fatnas Island, as Cleopatra’s spring, distinguishes with its hot springs, where you will be able to swim to enjoy its healing benefits.

Fatnas Island - Siwa Oasis - Egypt Vacation Tours

Fatnas Island

6 – Siwa House Museum Siwa House Museum displays the traditions and customs of the Siwan, for example, the museum exhibits their traditions at the wedding, as you will be able to see the wore of the bride.

Siwa House Museum - Siwa Oasis - Egypt Vacation Tours

Siwa House Museum 

7 – Dakrour Mountain Additionally, Siwa Oasis is famous for therapeutic tourism, whereas it has Dakrour Mountain or Gebel Dakrur, containing hot sulfurous wells for curing a lot of diseases such as arthritis, back pain, spinal pain, and rheumatism.

There is a tourist festival occurring every October or November in Gebel Dakrour. It takes three days. In this festival, Siwan are celebrating with the harvest, their friendships, and settle quarrels.

The community of Siwa Oasis The community of Siwa distinguishes having its own cultures till now, as the local inhabitants of Siwa have their own language, looking like the Berber language.

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