Hurghada and its New Museum

Now you will be to get a different experience in Hurghada city. Enjoy this article about Hurghada and its New Museum provided by Egypt Vacation Tours team to know about this unique experience.

Hurghada is considered one of the most famous beach resort town in Egypt. It stretches some 40 km along the Red Sea coast.

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In Hurghada resort, you will be able to entertain the beach tourism with windsurfing, waterskiing, snorkeling, and diving to see colored fishes and coral reefs. Additionally, you will enjoy walking through its famous markets as El Dahar area and El Sakala to see Bazaars, Cafes, Hurghada Marina, and Hurghada port.

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But with the opening of Hurghada Museum, a new type of tourism is added to Hurghada. It is cultural tourism.

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Hurghada Museum

Let us take you on a tour in this museum The concept of Hurghada museum is presenting the beauty and luxury in Egypt throughout history through exhibiting approximately 2000 pieces selected from museums and storehouses in Cairo.

One of the masterpieces in this museum is the statue of Queen Meret Amun the daughter of king Ramesses II, displayed in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, besides the portrait of Princess Fatma, daughter of Khedive Ismail.

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Princess Merit Amun

    The display in Hurghada museum is divided into three sections:
  • Furniture and cosmetics used by ancient Egyptians as jewelry, creams, perfumes, hair accessories, and clothes.
  • Musical instruments and scenes from dance and musical performances.
  • Sports by exhibiting the scenes of hunting and fishing in the Nile River.

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