Gayer Anderson Museum or Bayt Al-Kritliyya

Gayer Anderson Museum or Bayt Al-Kritliyya is one of the most perfect examples of Islamic domestic architecture in Islamic Cairo, It is located beside Ibn Tulun Mosque. This museum consists of two houses.

The first house is on the east. It was founded by Hajj Mohammad Al-Gazzar in 1632. Later, this house was bought by a lady from Crete Island, so it is called Bayt Al-Kritliyya or Al-Kritliyya House.

The second one is on the west. It was built in 1540. It was called the house of Amna bint Salim. Later, these two houses were connected by a bridge.

But who is Gayer Anderson    Robert Gayer Anderson was a doctor in the British army. He decided to stay in Egypt and bought this house in 1935. After Robert Gayer Anderson’s death, this house is changed to be a museum displaying Gayer Anderson’s collections like oil paintings and ancient Egyptian collections.

Let’s take a tour in the rooms of this house 1 – The Sabil Room or the public drinking fountain. Now, this room displays collections exhibiting the legends of the house.

2 – Then, after ascending a few steps on the west side of the house, you with find the loggia. Enjoy its view and taking amazing photos.

3 – Then, the reception hall, distinguishing with its Islamic decorations.

4 – The picture gallery. In this room, you will find the oil paintings and drawings collected by Gayer Anderson.

5 – Then move to the museum room to see the ancient Egyptian collections of Gayer Anderson.

6 – You will ascend to the roof terrace to be amazed by this view overlooking Ibn Tulun Mosque.

Gayer Anderson Museum - Egypt Vacation Tours

7 – At the end of your tour, you will find a room displaying the medical tools of Gayer Anderson because he was an obstetrician and gynecologist.

Enjoy visiting this fabulous house with Egypt Vacation Tours team

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