Kafr El Sheikh Museum in Kafr El Sheikh

Among the events of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for opening new museums in Egypt, the Ministry was opened three museums in one day, on October 31, 2020. These museums are The Royal Carriages Museum, Kafr El Sheikh Museum, and Sharm El Sheikh Museum. It is located in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate.

The history of Kafr El Sheikh Governorate: Kafr El Sheikh Governorate played an important role during the ancient Egyptian civilization, as Kafr El Sheikh Governorate houses Bhutto, the capital of Lower Egypt, before united ancient Egypt by King Menes or Narmer. After that, King Narmer started the 1st dynasty and created the first capital of united ancient Egypt, Memphis. This city is also known as Tell Al-Faraeen.

Kafr El Sheikh Museum The idea of establishing a museum in Kafr El Sheikh is back in 1993 and the project of constructing it began in 2002,This Museum displays the history of Kafr El Sheikh Governorate by exhibiting collections that have been discovered in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate at the Great Bhutto Cemetery and the temple area.  These collections are classified into three halls.

The display in the museum is divided into:
  • The conflict between the god Horus and the god Seth, as there is a unique statue for the Falcon of the god Horus. This statue matches the Edfu temple statue.
  • The history of Sakha city, the city where the Holy Family be hosted during their journey in Egypt.
  • The archaeological sites that Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate has been contained.
  • The history of science during different historical periods in medicine, veterinary, and pharmacy fields.
  • The Islamic and cultural heritage of Kafr Sheikh Governorate that considered the third heritage city in Egypt after Cairo and Rasheed. The museum presents the heritage of Kafr Sheikh by displaying the Islamic heritage of the city of Fuwah.

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