Sharm El Sheikh and its Museum

Lately, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is caring in opening museums in coastal cities as Sharm El Sheikh Museum and Hurghada Museum for more entertainment for tourists and adding cultural value for this city besides the beach tourism.

In Sharm El Sheikh, you can enjoy doing several activities as soak up the sun on the beaches, diving to see its coral reefs, snorkeling, visiting Naama Bay, and exploring Ras Mohammed National Park.

Sharm El-Sheikh - Egypt Vacation Tours

Sharm El-Sheikh

Also, Sharm El Sheikh is a city in the Sinai Peninsula, so you will be able to do safari trips in the Sinai desert and discover St Catherine Monastery and Moses mount.

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Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Sharm El Sheikh Museum Sharm El Sheikh Museum is opened in October 2020 to be the first museum to be opened in Sharm El-Sheikh and Sinai.

The concept of displaying in this Museum is reflecting the different aspects of human civilization and culture in the ancient Egyptian and the Greco-Roman civilizations and Muhammad Ali Pasha’s family. The display in the museum is divided into:

  • The Grand Hall exhibits the history of humans and wildlife in ancient Egypt and highlights the achievements of the ancient Egyptians in science, mathematics, industry, crafts, family life, and mummies and statues for gods in the ancient Egyptian beliefs. Those gods are like Thoth, Sobek, Hathor, and Horus.
  • The Civilization Hall displays the funeral collection of Isetemheb, the wife of the high-priest of Amun Panedjem II, and the priestess of Isis, Min, and Horus in Akhmim, like the inner and outer coffins, Canopic jars, cosmetics, and perfume vessels.
  • Then there is a hall displaying types of ships and boats used by the ancient Egyptians in several aspects of life as hunting, trade, and sun boats.
  • Finally, the hall of the cultural heritage of the Sinai community and Bedouins.

This museum distinguished with its facilities, as it contains theater, traditional crafts shops, and restaurants.

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