The Royal Carriages Museum

Among the events of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for opening new museums in Egypt, the Ministry opened three museums in one day, on October 31, 2020. These museums are The Royal Carriages Museum, Kafr El-Sheikh Museum, and Sharm El Sheikh Museum. The Royal Carriages Museum is located in Boulaq.

This museum is one of the most important four museums in the whole world, as there are just three museums with the same concept in Russia, England, and Austria.

This museum is considered a unique museum, as it distinguishes itself with its collections and building that reflect the authenticity of the Muhammad Ali family.

The history of the royal carriages museum: Khedive Ismail was the first one thought to construct this building for housing the royal carriages and horses.

At the first, this building was named (the Khedivial Carriages Service), but later, in 1922, during king Fouad’s reign, this name was changed to be (Royal Stables Department (Royal Mews)).

Like other royal buildings that belong to the Muhammad Ali family period, this building became owned by the Egyptian government after the revolution of 1952 and was converted into a museum in 1978.

The museum collections: The museum contains unique collections, all of them dating back to the Muhammad Ali family period. These collections are royal carriages of various sizes and types, as this museum is characterized by housing around 78 historically valuable royal carriages, among them the grand Alay Carriage.

This grand Alay Carriage was a gift given to Khedive Ismail during the occasion of the Suez Canal inauguration in 1869 by the wife of Emperor Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie. In return, Khedive Ismail gave her a golden bedroom. This carriage was used by Khedive Ismail during his wedding ceremony. King Farouk ordered to restore it and reused it on the inauguration of the Parliament in 1942.

As well, the museum houses oil paintings, several designs of uniforms of the Carriages Service employees, and horse riding equipment.

Some masterpieces in the museum
  • The Tonneau Carriage was used for driving his highness Prince Farouk, Prince of Upper Egypt, from 1922 to 1936.
  • Oil painting for king Fouad’s favorite donkey with a royal palace in the background.
  • The Caravan was used for transferring the big things like furniture.

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