Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi Mosque

Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi, or Al Mursi Abu Al Abbas Mosque as the people of Alexandria use to call it, is one of the most famous mosques and Islamic monuments in Alexandria. The mosque is located in the Anfushi neighborhood of Alexandria, close to the Citadel of Qaitbay.

Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi was a Andalusi Sufi. He lived during the 13th century in the Andalusia region of Spain and was born to a wealthy family. In 1242, he traveled with his family to Tunisia.

Then he moved to Alexandria in Egypt to study jurisprudence and religion, as it was a popular destination of many Muslim scholars at the time, and lived almost 43 years there. He lived in Alexandria as a scholar and teacher till his death in 1286. He was buried in a small building there.

There is an annual festival held in Alexandria on the 5th of July for celebrating the birth of Al Mursi Abu Al Abbas.

The history of the mosque The mosque was constructed in 1307 when El Sheikh Zein El Din, one of the richest traders of Alexandria, visited the building where Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi was buried and wanted to develop this mausoleum in honor of Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi.

The current building was redesigned and reconstructed in 1929 by Eugenio Valzania and Mario Rossi as it appears very influenced by the architecture of old Cairo buildings. Then, King Farouq I built the Midan el Masged or Mosque Square.

The mosque has two entrances in the north and the east. Also, it has a minaret with Ayoubids design standing on the southern side. As well, the ceiling is decorated with arabesque and has four unique domes.

The mosque is built on the tomb of Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi as he was buried there.

Abu Al Abbas Al Mursi’s tomb became one of the destinations of many Muslims during their pilgrimage to Mecca as they pass in Alexandria on their way from Egypt and Morocco.

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