Esna Temple of the god Khnum

Esna city was one of the most prestigious cities in ancient Egyptian history and the Greco-Roman period. Esna city houses many historical destinations, but the most important temple there is Esna Temple.

Who is the god Khnum? The god Khnum is one the most major gods in ancient Egyptian myths, as it is believed that he is the god of creation. Khnum appears in ram-headed with a human body or a lion body, as the avenue of rams in Karnak Complex.

The god Khnum of Esna Temple - Egypt Vacation Tours

The god Khnum of Esna Temple

The history of Esna Temple The establishment of the temple started from King Tuthmosis III reign in the 18th dynasty, New kingdom. The construction of the temple was completed during the Greco-Roman period.

The temple appears in a hall of columns with 24 pillars taking the shape of lotus floral and palm. On both sides of the entrance of the temple, there are chambers by the priests of the temple as storerooms.

Pillars of Esna Temple - Egypt Vacation Tours

Pillars of Esna Temple

Most of the depictions in the temple show the Roman Emperors giving offerings to the god Khnum and other gods and goddess of the temple, as Neith, Heka, Satet, and Menheyet.

This temple was considered a sacred place in ancient Egyptian civilization, as there were strict rules for entering the temple like dressing linen clothes, washing the hands with natron salt, and cutting the fingernails and toenails.

In addition, Esna city is famous for its barrage bridges and Esna lock that was built on the Nile River by the British in 1906.

Esna lock - Egypt Vacation Tours

Esna lock

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