Monastery Palace on Rhoda Island

Monastery Palace is an artistic and architectural masterpiece overlooking the Nile River directly. Also, it is known as the Kiosk.

It was built by Hassan Fouad Pasha Al. Monastery, the Cairo Governor and Minister of the Interior in Abbas Pasha Period in 1851.

The palace is famous for its beautiful decorative style, and wooden architecture design, and the music room has a ceiling taking the dome shape making the music spread all over the room. Now, there are concerts are held in this room.

Manasterly Palace - Egypt Vacation Tours (1)

The Ministry of Antiquities turns this palace to be a museum in 1951.

Additionally, there is a wooden bridge is attached to this palace is called the Manasterly bridge.  You will be able to take fabulous photos there.

Manasterly Bridge - Egypt Vacation Tours

Monastery Bridge

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Also, enjoy visiting this palace and the Nilometer on a virtual tour provided by the ministry of tourism and antiquities via this link

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