Manial Palace Museum in Al Rawda

Have you ever visited a royal palace? Do you want to do that and see designs from various cultures and countries? Manial Palace Museum in Al Rawda Island allows you to do this easily.

The history of Manial Palace Museum It belongs to Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfiq, a member of Muhammad Ali Pasha’s family. He decided to establish this palace to be his rule seat because he became the crown prince many times.

Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik - Egypt Vacation Tours

Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik 

Let’s go on a tour in Manial Palace Museum It is good to be mentioned that Prince Mohamed Ali put the design of this palace by himself and this is documented on the slab placed on the gate.

After entering from the main gate, you will find the reception building, containing two floors, and has different rooms decorated with different styles like the Levantine hall and the Moroccan hall. Prince Mohamed Ali dedicated it to receiving his guests in ceremonies. 

the reception building - Egypt Vacation Tours (2)

The Reception Building

After that, you will see the mosque. He was very keen on containing a mosque in this complex.

The Mosque - Egypt Vacation Tours

The Mosque 

Then go to the residential building, where bedrooms, dining room, and office room.

The Residential Building - Egypt Vacation Tours

The Residential Building 

Are you ready to be impressed? Now you will enter the throne hall, where Prince Mohamed Ali dreamed to rule Egypt. It distinguishes with the decorations on the ceiling presenting the sun disk with its golden rays.

The Throne Hall - Egypt Vacation Tours

The Throne Hall

This building consists of two floors. On the second floor, there are three rooms. The first one is the Abison room. It is called with its name because its walls are covered with Abison fabric.

After that, the summer salon where they are used to stay in the summer season because of the Iranian faience covering the walls providing cool the atmosphere.

Then the winter salon where they are used to stay in the winter season because its walls are covered with wood for warming the climate.

The winter room - Egypt Vacation Tours

The winter room 

At the end of your tour, you will visit the hunting museum, displaying mummified animals, birds, and reptiles hunted by Khedive Tawfiq and Prince Yusef Kamal.

Visit this fabulous palace with Egypt Vacation Tours day tours to enjoy discovering it with our experts.

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