Discover the Step Pyramid from inside

Finally, you can discover the step pyramid from inside. After 14 years of restoration, the step pyramid opens its doors to the public for exploring it from the inside.

Firstly, we need to take about the King Djoser Complex This complex belongs to King Djoser from the third dynasty, the old kingdom. The vizier, Imhotep, designed this complex to be the first complete stone building complex in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

This complex contains the burial tomb of King Djoser, the step pyramid. The step pyramid is the most conspicuous sightseeing of Saqqara. It stands 60 meters high and was constructed with six mastabas, so the researchers believe that this pyramid refers to the architectural development of the royal mastabas in the first and second dynasties.

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King Djoser Complex

Let’s go on a tour inside the step pyramid We will enter the step pyramid from the southern entrance. This entrance is not the main entrance but was established in the 26th dynasty to discover what is inside this pyramid. The main entrance built during the King Djoser period is the northern one.

The southern entrance leads to tunnels taking approx. 28 meters, where you will be allowed to see the burial chamber of King Djoser from the top and his sarcophagus. Also, you will be able to go down to see the sarcophagus closely.

Discover the secrets of Saqqara, the step pyramid from inside, and its attractions with Egypt Vacation Tours experts.

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