Saint Simon Church or The Cave church

The Cave church, Saint Simon Church, or the Tanner Monastery lies in the Mokattam Mountain, near Garbage city or in Arabic language El Zabbaleen city.

This monastery is carved into the Mokattam Mountain in 1975. It houses many Coptic churches.

Saint Simon Church is one of the hidden treasures in Egypt and the Middle East. It is famous for its design, taking the shape of amphitheater. It is considered the biggest church in Egypt, as it accommodates 20 thousand people.

St. Simon St. Simon worked as a tanner, lived at the end of the 10th century. He was in charge of the legend of the transferring the Mokattam Mountain.

The Garbage City The garbage city or El Zabbaleen city in the Arabic language is famous for its populations are working in collecting, sorting, and recycling the garbage.

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