Baron Empain Palace in Heliopolis

Baron Empain Palace is the most famous landmark of Heliopolis, the city of the sun. This palace suffered from neglect for many years until the Ministry of Antiquities bought, received it from its owners, and began to restore it in 2007. The restoration work finished, and the palace is opened on Jun 29, 2020.

But before talking about this great palace, we should first talk about the owner or the founder of it, Baron Edward Empain. 

Let me introduce Baron Edward Empain to you.  He was a Belgian engineer and businessman. Empain is not a part of his name. It is a title. Baron Edward was awarded this title by the king of France due to his efforts in the establishment of the Paris metro. 

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Baron Edward Empain

He came to Egypt in 1894 and adored it, so he decided to stay in it and asked the Egyptian government to build a new city in the desert, It became Heliopolis city. He founded this whole city with the help of Ernst Jasper, the Belgian architect. Additionally, he built the first tram in Cairo to connect between Cairo city and Heliopolis.

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The tram

Baron Empain died on July 22, 1929, in Belgium, though was buried in Egypt in Basilica Church as he willed. 

Now, let’s go to visit Baron Empain Palace

Baron Edward Empain got help from Alexandre Marcel, the French engineer, in the construction of this palace. 

The first thing you will see is its amazing garden. It fills with several statues taking the Indian and Cambodian style. This garden houses the building founded by the reinforced concrete structure that was a new thing in Egypt at that time. 

Let go inside the palace.

The palace consists of four floors: 

 – The basement

 – The first floor contains three rooms. The middle one is decorated with the Indian and Cambodian style, but another two rooms are decorated with the European style. 

 – The second floor contains four bedrooms, including bathrooms. 

 – The roof was used in holding the concerts and parties. 

Now is the time for legends

It is said that this palace has a legend in every corner of it

– One of the stories says that the palace tower rotates to offer a 360-degree view of the surrounding area to follow the sun.

– Baron Edward Empain used magical tricks during the construction of the palace. 

– Baron Edward Empain killed Alexandre Marcel and buried his corpse in the garden of the palace.

All of these stories and more link with this palace due to the neglect it suffered for many years.

Enjoy discovering this unique landmark with Egypt Vacation Tours day tours. 

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