The Red Pyramid of Dahshur

The Red Pyramid of Dahshur was the third one constructed by King Snefru, after the Bent Pyramid and Meidum pyramid. It is the highest pyramid in Dahshur.

King Snefru King Snefru is the founder of the 4th dynasty, the old kingdom. Also, he is the father of King Khufu, who owns the Great Pyramid of Giza Plateau. His main wife was queen Hetepheres I, who also is the mother of King Khufu.

The construction of the Red Pyramid The establishment of this pyramid might begin in the 13th year of King Sneferu’s reign and took 10 years to be completed. The Red Pyramid is called red due to using a red stone in its construction.

The Red Pyramid is the first true or complete pyramid in ancient Egyptian history, as after the failure in the construction of the Bent pyramid and Meidum pyramid to be complete pyramids, the ancient Egyptian engineers corrected their mistakes and be aware of the correct angle to reach the true pyramid, what is 43 degrees.

It is thought that 43 degrees were the angle that was used by the ancient Egyptian engineers in building the top part of the Bent pyramid; also it was approved by those engineers for building the later pyramids in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Red Pyramid is 341 feet tall, so it is considered the third-largest ancient Egyptian pyramid after the pyramids of Kings Khufu and Khafre at Giza Plateau.

The plan of this Red Pyramid The entrance of the pyramid is located on the northern side. This entrance leads to a passageway. Then there is a gallery, leading into a chamber with a corbelled roof, Then there is another passage leading to a second chamber, This chamber houses another passageway leading to the third chamber, which is believed that it is the burial chamber.

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