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What does it mean, Felucca boat?

  • A felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat, particularly on the Nile river. The felucca consists of one or two lateen sails; They are usually able to board nine people at the Egypt tour. The felucca is popular among tourists who need to discover sailing in the Nile river.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Egypt?

  • Yes, very safe to travel to Egypt for everyone. Even Egyptians offer help when any tourist needs assistance, Egyptian police work to make it safe for the Egyptians and foreigners too.
  • Egypt is a safe place; most visitors often say that Egypt tour is one of the most beautiful and must-see destinations on the globe to visit ancient culture.
  • Egypt holidays, you will feel home, and very safe and secure in Cairo because the Egyptians themselves are very welcomed, and you will enjoy the Egyptian hospital.

How much does it cost to tour Egypt?

  • The cost of book Egypt trips or adventure tours in Egypt are quite cheap compared to other countries, and more Enjoyable to know more about Egyptian culture and kindly Egyptian people.

How to book a tour with us?

  • it’s so easy to book your trip through Explore Egypt Tours, at the beginning have a look to our various assignments on our website, then send E-mail to sales@egyptvacationtours.com, and we will answer all your questions with pleasure 24/7

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